We offer Telehealth… During the pandemic and year-round

Does Insurance Cover
Speech-Language Therapy?

YES!!  Many Policies Do!

small practice. BIG RESULTS!

As a small, locally owned and operated practice, Cheerful Chatter Speech-Language Services is there when you need them. Your child’s progress is our top priority. That means we keep in touch with their doctors, therapists, and teachers. This level of communication allows everyone to be committed to the same goals, on the same page, and working together to help your child make genuine progress across all areas of their life.

We Check Out-of-Network Benefits & Submit Insurance Claims for You

Insurance policies can be confusing and tricky!  So, we help by checking your benefits (even if we are out-of-network).  We will do our best to give you a clear picture of how much things will cost and how much you will be reimbursed.  In addition, we will try to submit electronic claims/superbills directly to your carrier on your behalf… reimbursement usually comes about three weeks later.  We have worked with a variety of carriers, including TRICARE.

For evaluations and other non-therapeutic services, we will take your payment at the time of service.  For therapeutic services, our reservation model allows for the ultimate in flexibility for one low weekly automated charge.  This flexibility includes unlimited free make-up appointments, unlimited free bonus appointments, and no late cancellation, no-show, or credit card fees.

Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and all other payment methods accepted by Square.

  • These include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and UnionPay.
  • Types of cards include: credit, debit (processed as credit), corporate, registered prepaid, and rewards cards.
  • Cards from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are also accepted!​

Need Financial Assistance?

Small Steps in Speech is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to providing grants to children without coverage for therapies, treatments, communicative devices, or other services aimed at improving their communication skills.  To inquire about grant applications or to help this most worthy organization through donations, fundraising events, or volunteering please click here.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation is a charitable organization that provides medical grants to help children gain access to health-related services not covered, or not fully covered, by their family’s commercial health insurance plan. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

Still Not Sure?

Some of our clients begin the process with an initial Meet & Greet. These complimentary phone or telehealth appointments offer you the opportunity to get to know your therapist.  We will answer all of your general and practice-related questions.

Cancellation & Attendance Policies

Evaluations, Meetings & Weekly Reservations:

Evaluations and meetings that are canceled with less than 12 hours’ notice or missed entirely will incur a fee of $312 regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Appointments within the Reservation Model must be canceled with at least 6 hours’ notice.  The third time any appointment is canceled or missed with less than 6 hours’ notice in any 6 month period, the client will be discharged from Cheerful Chatter.  This policy applies to all standing reservations, make-up, and bonus appointments.

Legacy Clients with BCBS Coverage:

Appointments canceled at or after 9:01 am the day of the appointment or missed entirely will incur a fee of $104 regardless of the reason for cancellation.

In order to maintain standing weekly appointment times, clients must maintain an overall attendance rate of at least 85%.  If your rate falls below 85%, your standing appointments will be canceled and we will ask you to schedule on a week-to-week basis, as per current availabilities.