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Each includes a blurb about who it is intended for and how it can be used as you pursue cheerful chatter.
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Speech Clarity: Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Apraxia Kids

A nonprofit, publicly-funded charity that offers an array of information to strengthen the support systems of children with apraxia

Ellen has earned the distinction of being listed in Apraxia Kids’ directory of Speech-Language Pathologists

Child Apraxia Treatment

A thorough resource to help parents understand what CAS is and how they can help

Ellen is a trained provider of Dynamic Tactile and Temporal Cueing (DTTC)

PROMPT Institute

Find out what it is all about
Ellen is a trained provider of PROMPT

Late Talkers

Teach Me to Play WITH You!

Book by Laura E Mize

  • Play, Language and cognitive skills all develop together… they go hand in hand
  • When there is a problem in one area, there are likely problems in the other two areas, as well
  • Don’t forget about play skills… they’re crucial to the development of cognitive and language skills as you now know, but also creative, social and emotional skills!

The Pout Pout Fish Series

Books by Deborah Diesen

  • The Pout Pout Fish series of books is an absolute favorite!
  • Because they’re highly recommend for rhyming (a pre-reading skill) & vocabulary development (critical to reading comprehension), you might as well start your baby early
  • Ellen’s number one recommendation is to read to your child every day. Every. Single. Day.
  • Reading to children fosters a love of literacy while teaching language without even trying. Start from day one!

A Simple Wooden Dollhouse

  • This is the very same one you’ll find in our office
  • ​Reenacting things children experience and see every day allows them to harness both their memory and language skills together
Reading, Writing, Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

Center for Early Literacy Learning

Promoting the adoption and sustained use of evidence-based early literacy learning practices​

International Dyslexia Association

An organization dedicated to reading and writing disorders
Autism & Sensory Processing

Asperger's... What Does It Mean To Me?

Book by Catherine Faherty

  • This resource was recommended to us long ago by a parent.
  • It helps children understand their diagnosis and explains to others who they are inside.
  • A must have for high-functioning children on the spectrum!

Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph Over Autism

Book by Catherine Maurice

  • She learned words, but then lost them. There was hope in miracle cures, but then devastation,
  • ​While the therapy described may be a little outdated by today’s standards, it is the story of what a family experiences before, during and after a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder

Book by Carol Stock Kranowitz

  • Sensory Processing Disorder is a common and frequently misdiagnosed problem in which the central nervous system misinterprets messages from the senses
  • The new edition features additional information on visual and hearing deficits, motor skill difficulties, ADHD, autism, Asperger syndrome, and other related disorders/li>

FACES 4 Autism

A non-profit organization & support network
Social Skills

Friends Forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Friends

Book by Fred Frankel, PhD

  • Fred Frankel, PhD is one of the original researchers at UCLA who helped launch the PEERS family of programs and resources.
  • This is a MUST HAVE for parents of elementary-aged children who struggle with social skills and friendships!
  • If looking for a resource for teens and young adults, look below.

The Science of Making Friends: Helping Socially Challenged Teens & Young Adults

Book by Elizabeth A Laugeson, PsyD

  • This is the go-to guide for parents who want to refine their skills as Social Coaches.
  • Find out what teens and young adults should do in various social situations, what they should not do, how they can improve their skills and how to solve social problems.
  • In addition, a DVD full of amazing videos designed to help teach social skills is included.

How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

Book by Meghan Doherty

  • A socially and emotionally intelligent guide to expected social behaviors with humorous “Dick and Jane” style pictures.

1-2-3 MAGIC: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting

Book by Thomas W Phelan

  • Ellen has been recommending this book for at least 10 years!
  • It helps explain how and why children do what they do… from hitting and kicking to all-out tantrums.
  • Then, it goes on to teach you what to do about it. It will save your sanity!
Activities for Children with Special Needs

Heart of Surfing

Offers a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation activities for special needs individuals aged 5 to 95 and their families
Based in Ocean City, NJ

Sports Unity Program

Organized Sports for Special Needs Children and their Buddies​
Based in Marlton, NJ
Education & Advocacy Issues
Health Insurance, Payment & Safety Resources

Small Steps in Speech

Assists children with speech and language disorders by funding supplemental therapies and treatments for individuals

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

Helps families gain access to the care they need through medical grants

Project Lifesaver

A search & rescue program designed for “at-risk” individuals who are prone to the life threatening behavior of wandering away