Specialty Speech-Language Services

ASHA and PEERS Certified.  DTTC, PROMPT and Hanen Trained.  Ready to help!

small practice.  BIG RESULTS!

The Cheerful Difference

Cheerful Chatter is small… very small!  It was kept small all these years in order to maintain our focus on providing the highest quality of services.  Only when we are 100% focused on our families and 100% trained in what we do, can the results be dramatic.  And, yes, our kids make fantastic progress!

While the practice is small, our space is not.  Our office in Haddonfield, NJ could have fit seven therapists, but we decided to dedicate our space to what really matters… the children, parents, and caregivers we serve.  We have a standard waiting room and therapy room, but also a classroom, playroom, and parent lounge.  Only when the environment is aligned with our services, can everyone be at their best and do amazing things.

Can’t make it to our office?  That’s ok!  We offer telehealth year round… in New Jersey and Georgia!

Welcome!  What Brought You Here Today…

Individual Speech Therapy?  PEERS Social Skills Services?

Individual Speech Therapy

After 20 years in the field, Miss Ellen knows her stuff!  Her training and experience set her apart from other therapists in the areas of:

Childhood apraxia of speech & other issues affecting speech clarity

Late talkers & early langauge development

Reading, dyslexia & other difficulties with early literacy

What?  She works on reading?!  She sure does!  At their core, dyslexia and most other difficulties with reading and spelling are rooted in the language system (especially phonological awareness & processing)…

Letters are simply visual representations of speech sounds and reading is just another way of using language to communicate…  You can listen or read to gain information and you can speak or write to send it.  Reading and spelling fall squarely in the field of speech-language pathology… but it’s hard to find someone who specializes in it.

What She’ll Do

If they are struggling to speak clearly, she’ll figure out why.  If they are too quiet for their age, she’ll find out what is holding them back.  If they are struggling to learn to read, she’ll determine where the system is breaking down.  Then, she will build a strong foundation, teach the missing skills, and fill in the gaps.  Before you know it, their progress will be undeniable!

PEERS Social Skills Services

While we have a serious crush on our PEERS® Social Skills Classes and believe they are the best solution for many… especially those with at least near-average cognitive and language skills.

However, we know that they’re not for everyone.  Some need more one-on-one time.  Some need something with a smaller scale.  So, we also offer indiviudal social coaching.  Whatever your needs are, we are probably working on something that meets them!  We offer:

PEERS® Social Skills Classes for middle and high school students

Individual Social Coaching for anyone interested in learning new strategies and gaining a greater sense of confidence and comfort during social interactions

Our social skills services are designed for those who have been left out of other groups… either because their cognitive and langauge skills are too high or because they are too old.  Our programs are perfect for children, teens, and young adults who are talking and seem to be doing fine with academics, but are struggling with friendships and other interactions.

Click below to learn more about our social skills groups and programs.