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We Specialize in Helping Children

NWho aren’t talking yet

NWho can’t speak clearly

NWho are having trouble learning to read

NWho dont understand what they read

We’re committed to using
evidence-based strategies.

We help big kids, too.

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From Quiet to Confident

They seem fine, but they're not talking yet...

Language Therapy Can Help

We know… they’re not saying as much. They’re quiet and sometimes act-out more than other kids.

We will show you how to help them learn words and build sentences using toys you probably have at home. They will learn while PLAYING!

Working with children early… often before their second birthday… allows them to catch up, get ready for preschool, and graduate soon after!

No one understands what they say...

Speech Therapy Can Help

After a thoughtful and thorough evaluation, we will help you understand why they are having trouble speaking clearly and easily. From there, we will carefully craft a plan to help them gain needed skills and begin communicating with ease.

Once they begin learning to speak clearly, frustration and behaviors will fade, fun conversations will emerge, and the richness of their thoughts and dreams will come through.

They're having trouble reading...

Language Therapy Can Help

Reading is simply another way of using language to communicate… you can listen or read to gain information and you can speak or write to send it.

With a clear understanding of how reading is rooted in oral language and why some children have trouble learning to read, we will identify where and why your child is stuck. From there, we will strengthen their foundation, teach missing skills, and fill in the gaps. Let’s get them excited to learn again! adasdasda

Our Mission Is To Be Your Partner

At Cheerful Chatter, we don’t get excited about the number of children we treat or how long our waiting list is. After nearly 20 years in the field, what really energizes us are the experiences our families enjoy when true and lasting progress is made. From the claps and cheers during sessions to the excitement on faces when we’re told about accomplishments… a child’s pride and their parent’s satisfaction with a job well done is the ultimate goal.

Be aware, Cheerful Chatter is not a drop-off clinic. We harness the power of parents to create change during little moments… a little bit at a time, throughout each day, all day, every day. And, you won’t need extra time… You already feed them! You already drive them around! At Cheerful Chatter, you’ll learn how to use your usual routines to create lasting change and progress.

The most successful child has a parent who is eager to dive-in and is ready to watch, listen, and learn. Our parents are our partners… you were their first teacher and we’ll help you be their best teacher. We will work together to help your child learn, gain confidence, and develop the skills they need to live their best life.

Progress. Confidence. Graduation.

This is what we strive for at Cheerful Chatter Speech-Language Services