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Speech and Language Therapy
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Ellen McSpadden’s constant search for advances in the field of speech-language pathology exists to benefit the families she serves. She applies the latest research while tapping into the natural curiosity of every child. Here you will discover dynamic and personalized speech and language therapy.

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At Cheerful Chatter,
We Believe All Children

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  • Are curious and creative
  • Can succeed!
No two children have the same background, needs, or learning style. That’s why our speech and language pathologist will create a truly individualized speech therapy plan for your child. All of our plans combine direct instruction and parent training to maximize their progress in a way that works for them, you, and your home.
{He was not speaking, just babbling a little. I can remember Ellen's first session with us and how unsure I was if this would work. She quickly showed how she could take his favorite things, turn them into a game of sorts and teach him to comprehend words...
Mother in Cherry Hill, NJ
Ellen McSpadden, MA, CCC-SLP, CAS

Speech-Language Pathologist
Certified Autism Specialist
Owner, Cheerful Chatter Speech-Language Services

About Ellen

Ellen McSpadden is a highly skilled, ASHA-certified, and NJ-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with nearly two decades of experience working with children in the hospital, outpatient, school, and in-home settings. She is a Certified Autism Specialist and a Certified Provider of PEERS (The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills). In addition, she is formally trained in DTTC, PROMPT, and Hanen’s “It Takes Two To Talk” Workshop for Parents.

She was raised in suburban Maryland, just outside Washington, DC, and obtained degrees from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland. Soon after graduating with her Master’s degree, she relocated to southern New Jersey and began working with area families. While working in homes through NJ’s Early Intervention System, parents she worked with began referring her to their friends. Ellen’s reputation and those word-of-mouth referrals created the need to open Cheerful Chatter Speech-Language Services in 2013… a family-friendly private practice that clients know and love today.

Ellen’s energy, passion, and commitment to helping children of all ages is demonstrated in her dynamic, fun approach and the sincere, respectful relationship she cultivates with every parent. Children and teenagers look forward to motivating, engaging, fun, and highly effective sessions that lead to genuine skill development. Sometimes, they don’t even want to leave! She prides herself on helping children develop functional communication skills by developing strategies that are individually tailored, maximizing their success. Parents are encouraged to participate throughout sessions and receive the training necessary to use the strategies during existing activities at home, in the car, and on the go. The progress of the children she works with is her sole focus during every therapy session and she is known to go above and beyond for every family. The speech, language, and social skill development her clients experience is a testament to her knowledge, skills, experience, and passion.

What is an SLP and what do they do?

SLPs are speech-language pathologists and they go by a few different names: speech therapist, language therapist, speech correctionist, ST, etc.

Speech-language pathologists are highly-trained specialists in the development, prevention, evaluation, habilitation, and rehabilitation of various disorders that affect the ability to listen, speak, read, write, make friends, eat, and swallow…

You work on reading and writing?

We sure do! Reading and writing are simply other ways of using language. All those squiggly lines (aka, letters) were invented to represent speech sounds… it’s as simple as that!

To receive information, we can listen or read. To express information, we can speak or write. However, because our brains are not biologically wired to read and write, many children have difficulty transitioning from oral language to written language.  The risk of difficulty increases when they thave a history of speech and/or language delays in early childhood.  That is why speech-language pathologists are the best profession to provide reading intervention.  We’re like reading tutors… but SO much more!!

You work on friendships and social skills?

Of course! Friendships develop when two people discover that they like to talk about and do the same things. To discover this information, they use verbal and nonverbal communication skills, perspective taking, and problem-solving skills during social situations. And who specializes in these areas? Speech-language pathologists!

You work with eating and swallowing disorders? You work with eating and swallowing disorders?
Absolutely! The mouth is responsible for all sorts of things and we have some of the most advanced training in how we use it.