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Our Reviews Say it All
We look at reviews before hiring contractors. Why wouldn’t we want feedback on the people working closely with our children? We want to know they are right for our children, our family, and our needs. And here at Cheerful Chatter, we’re pretty proud of our feedback!

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What our clients are saying about us….

Ellen came into our lives when my son was two back in 2011. He was not speaking, just babbling a little. I can remember her first session with us and how unsure I was if this would work. She quickly showed how she could take his favorite things, turn them into a game of sorts and get him to comprehend words. She was with us every week for a year…till preschool started for him. Ellen was kind and patient and got my son off on the right foot. Forever grateful!

~ Valerie
Mother in Cherry Hill, NJ

Thank you so much for all of your hard work with my son this year! We are so grateful to you for helping him come so far!

~ Barbara
Mother in Pennsauken, NJ

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for you! Thanks to you, my son has reached all the milestones that I didn’t think he could in only a couple of months! Thanks to you, he is thriving and more confident with the unknown. We could not have gotten as far as we have without your constant support and time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have made such a difference in BOTH of our lives!!

~ Yamayra
Mother in Cherry Hill, NJ

Ellen at Cheerful Chatter is absolutely wonderful! My son loved her and all of the activities that she integrated into their play time kept him interested. He looked forward to their time together!! Ellen took him from barely speaking to using sentences with a wide range of activities based on his speech needs. I highly recommend Cheerful Chatter if you suspect your child may have a delay in speech. You will not be disappointed!!!

~ Kristin
Mother in Mount Laurel, NJ

Thank you so much for your dedication to my daughter. I have seen her grow leaps and bounds the last few months since you’ve helped her. She is confident when speaking (though at times I don’t always get her…LOL). It as been a reflection of your teaching. I’m very grateful!

~ Vanessa
Mother in Moorestown, NJ

Ellen started working with my son shortly after his second birthday. Receptively he understood what you were saying to him, but he was delayed expressively with his speech. He probably didn’t even have 10 consistent words in his vocabulary. He wouldn’t even mimic us when we said, “Can you say ____?”

After only the first session I saw a difference. He was mimicking sounds. Our sessions were just one hour per week, but Ellen would give us “homework” to work on in between sessions. I should mention that it never felt like work to us or my son. And when it came time for him to have his session with Ellen, he was waiting at the door for her to arrive. He considered her a friend/playmate and always enjoyed their time together.

Around the one month mark, I was astonished at the progress he had made. As the weeks went on he continued to build his vocabulary and before he hit the 6-month mark he “graduated” from Ellen’s services, meaning he scored high enough on his speech testing that he no longer qualified for speech therapy. We were all very proud of him for all his hard work, but it was bittersweet because we had to say goodbye to Ellen.

Fast forward to present day, he just finished kindergarten and he is at the top of his class. He reads well above his grade level and his teachers had no idea he ever had a speech delay. When I mention it to fellow moms, they always respond the same…

“Really? I would never have guessed. He speaks so well!”

I can’t say enough good things about how Ellen helped our son find his voice. I would highly recommend her services to any family who needed speech services. While I know each case is different, I’m confident that her teaching strategies and temperament would be a great fit for any young child. I could truly see that she loves her job and loves working with kids from the moment she stepped foot into our home.

~ Christine
Mother in Cinnaminson, NJ

Your help and advice has made all the difference in this journey. Our daughter has come a long way since we started and you’ve been a big part of her success.

~ Denise and Bob
Parents in Wenonah, NJ