We offer Telehealth… During the pandemic and year-round

Speech, Language, Literacy & Social Skills

Our Services Go Well Beyond Testing and Therapy
We Solve Problems Before They Happen

We check your benefits every year, even if we’re not in-network. Typically, each one of these calls takes about 45 minutes. This helps ensure everything runs smoothly and there are no surprises.

We submit superbills & claims for you… even if we’re out-of-network! When it comes to problematic in-network claims we processed and submitted, many are settled long before you find out there was an issue.

At-home services in our mobile office… No distractions. No need to get your home ready. Unbranded to protect your privacy. Parents can join us or watch the session live from their home. The ultimate in cutting-edge & convenient therapy!

We stop, think & plan before our day begins and after every appointment. This allows us to reflect on how things went and help you reach your long-term goals as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

We’re always striving to be better today than we were yesterday. We are constantly seeking new research and advanced trainings in areas that directly benefit you, your child, and your family.


Discounted Initial Consultation (45 min, $25)

Not sure if speech-language therapy is necessary? Want to meet the therapist first? We understand. Let’s meet and discuss your concerns. The last 5-10 minutes of the appointment will be spent documenting our conversation, your concerns, and our recommendations.


Targeted Evaluations ($350)

Only concerned about specific speech sounds or fluency/stuttering? Cheerful Chatter will respect your wishes and limit testing to one area. Everything will be explained in a clearly worded and highly detailed report.


In-Depth Evaluations ($650-2200)

Motor-speech skills. Oral and/or written language. Literacy. Cognition. Social skills. Cheerful Chatter will work with you to determine your priorities and your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Everything will be explained in a clearly worded and highly detailed report.


Independent Evaluations for Local Schools

Parents: Not in agreement with the evaluation completed by your school? State law gives all parents the right to an independent evaluation by a provider of their choice and at the school’s expense. If interested, let your Child Study Team know that you want Cheerful Chatter to complete an independent evaluation of your child’s speech, oral, written, and/or pragmatic (social) language skills.

Schools: Do you need extra support? Cheerful Chatter is here to help. We contract directly with schools on a limited basis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of your students in the areas of speech, oral, written, and/or pragmatic language.

How to Schedule an Evaluation


  • Complete a contact form at the bottom of any page or send us an email
  • We’ll chat or email about your concerns, goals, and priorities
  • Complete some paperwork online and send us photos of the front and back of their insurance card
  • Cheerful Chatter will check your insurance benefits and explain what we learned
  • Choose a date and time for the evaluation
  • Cheerful Chatter will provide you with a clearly worded, highly detailed, written report

Individual Therapy (45 minutes, $130)

We will work directly with your child for approximately 35 minutes. We will then review their progress, answer your questions, and disucss how you can help them at home. We will spend the last five minutes of the appointment documenting what we did, how they responded, and how we’ll further their progress next time.

Come once per week or multiple times per week… we’ll make a recommendation, but work within your schedule and budget.  Discounted packages of 8 appointments are available and expire six weeks after purchase.

Appointments are held during the week in the afternoons and evenings to help avoid conflicts with work and school schedules.  If not participating in the session, you can relax in your home or car while observing via a closed-circuit monitor. Our treatment space and materials are cleaned with a food-grade sanitizer between every client.

Social Skills Groups

PEERS Social Skills Classes ($600-2000)

Research-based. Evidence-based. Parent-assisted. Proven results! Click here for more information.

Out-of-Pocket Rates Listed
Insurance Reimbursement May Be Available!